How do I prepare for your cleaning crew to arrive?

  1. Wash your dishes or place them in the dishwasher.
  2. Pick up everyday clutter. Put away as much clutter as possible so we concentrate on getting you cleaned.
  3. If you want your linens changed on your beds, place clean linens on the bed and we will change your linens.
  4. Pick up any important documents: papers, bills and other papers. They can be mistaken for trash and we don’t want to throw away anything important. Protect your privacy by placing them in a secure spot. Feel free to place a “do not disturb” note prior to our arrival.
  5. Secure valuable such as jewelry, small electronics and loose cash – We do our best to vet and background check our employees, but we ask you to help them resist temptation by having all valuables away to protect yourself from theft.
  6. Put your pets away – All pets have different comfort level with strangers. Some cleaners do have fears of animals.  If your pet doesn’t handle unfamiliar people well, it is a good idea to secure them in a crate or room prior to the cleaners arrival.
  7. Leave a list of your priorities – Every home is different and every person has a different idea of clean. If you have problem areas that need special attention, add it to your list. Unfortunately, home cleaners can’t read minds.
  8. Make sure the crew has access to your home – If you plan on being home, leaving a key hidden, or have an access code, make sure you communicate those special instructions. Please don’t forget to include turning off any home security systems.